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Are you thinking about starting treatment with isotretinoin? You can learn more about isotretinoin and about the iPLEDGE Program by reading the introductory information brochure and the medication guide available below.

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Patient Information:

Manufacturers' Toll-free Numbers

For more information about the specific brands of isotretinoin, call the individual manufacturers at these numbers.

Product Name Company Phone Number
Amnesteem® Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. 1-800-796-9526
Claravis Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. 1-800-227-7522
Myorisan® Akorn, Inc. 1-877-254-4381
Absorica® Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc. 1-800-406-7984
Zenatane Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Ltd. 1-888-375-3784
Amneal isotretinoin Amneal Pharmaceuticals, LLC 1-877-835-5472